The majority of governments studied in this Index fail to protect themselves adequately against the risk of corruption in the defence sector. Fifty seven of the 82 countries assessed, or 70 per cent, have high to critical risk of corruption, scoring in bands D, E, or F. These countries leave themselves exposed to the danger and waste that corruption in this sector brings.

Just two countries, Australia and Germany, are in Band A, exhibiting strong protection against the risk of corruption in their defence sectors. These countries have defence establishments that are accountable to their citizens; they are transparent about their spending and activities, and have strong controls in place to combat corruption that are actively enforced. Thirty per cent of countries, those in bands B and C, have low or moderate risk of corruption, but with shortcomings that still leave them exposed. There is room for improvement everywhere: not one country received a perfect score across all 77 questions. 

The Index considers corruption in national defence establishments in five key risk areas: political risk, financial risk, personnel risk, operations risk, and procurement risk. Click the tabs to the right  to read more about each risk area.